Working with ThruLines(TM) at AncestryDNA Webinar

Now available for immediate download!

We’re excited to offer an hour-long presentation on the new ThruLines(TM) functionality at AncestryDNA. This functionality makes it easier to organize and sort some of your DNA matches at AncestryDNA. The session was held on 17 March 2018 and includes:

  • understanding  where the information in the tree comes from–what’s yours and what’s someone else’s;
  • basics of evaluating the information in the tree;
  • responsibly using ThruLines(TM) information;
  • limitations of ThruLines(TM)
  • basics of how much DNA you typically share with certain cousins and relationship prediction;
  • do you really have the right genealogical connection with that DNA match;
  • using ThruLines(TM) to sort your matches with linked trees;
  • problem-solving and trouble shooting with ThruLines(TM).

Our focus is on:

  • being practical, hands-on, and easy-to-understand;
  • not getting overly excited about using ThruLines(TM);
  • employing sound genealogy methodology.


If you ordered this presentation and did not receive your download, email me at (include the email address used for purchase) so that I can remedy the situation.