The problem with websites that take us “right to the name we want” is that we miss things. To create a citation, I needed view the front of a marriage book from Coshocton County, Ohio. In the inside front cover was a note that there was a list of ministers further on in the book. The first few pages of a record book can contain unexpected surprises. frotnvover



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  1. Most marriage books have an index in the front of the book indexed by groom (and sometimes bride) with all the “A” names together, “B”, etc. ( in the order in which they are entered in the book) with the page number. Other family members, that you hadn’t otherwise thought of, may be included in these listings . That’s just one advantage of scrolling that microfilm!

    • Exactly. Another good thing about those indexes is that they were compiled by a local person at the the marriage took place. So the writer was familiar with the name and may have written it more legibly in the index entry at the front than in the actual marriage record entry.

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