A big thanks to those who have supported Genealogy Tip of the Day since our inception


The guy behind Genealogy Tip of the Day, his mother, and his stuffed toy, Christmas of 1970.

several years ago.

I appreciate those who take the time to comment, either here, our Facebook Fan Page, or our Facebook group. Our intent is always to share research ideas in short, quick, to-the-point posts, saving the longer items for my other blogs.

A person learns when doing genealogical research that there is a great deal they do not know even after they’ve researched for some time. A few things I’ve learned include:

  • there are exceptions to just about every rule
  • it’s important to admit our assumptions, deal with them, and get beyond them
  • writing greatly improves your genealogical research
  • you help people more by showing them how instead of telling them “your way is wrong”
  • more people appreciate my sense of humor than I thought

I always appreciate the comments and ideas readers send. I can’t always incorporate them, but I do read them.

And in case anyone wonders, Genealogy Tip of the Day is a one-man operation. There is no staff and no assistant.

Even that teddy bear in the picture won’t help out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of Genealogy Tip of the Day.




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  1. Sharing your research findings and tips are very much appreciated. I have learned a great deal from you. And thanks for the laughs!

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