West Point Cemetery, West Point, Hancock County, Illinois, taken 28 May 2017 by Michael John Neill

Take a picture of the entire cemetery, getting panoramic views that show more than just the stone. In addition to helping you remember which stones were near each other, it will give you perspective on the area’s geography.

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  1. I like to take three photos: a closeup of my ancestor’s stone, a shot of the stone with a prominent nearby monument, and a scene from the cemetery entrance showing the monument. If I return years later, I can use these to find the stone again.

    • Thanks.great advice. I do the same. At least 6 photos, the entrance, headstone,close up headstone, close headstones, then further back, then the whole cemetery. Also helps to have an index card to copy the headstone info,, then I add how to get to the grave. As in walk in gate, turn left, go 5o feet, turn right, grave is there next to —– headstone.

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