I never really did much work on the siblings of great-great-grandma Nancy Jane (Newman) Rampley (1846-1923) and recently decided to focus on her sister, Sarah. Sarah was born in about 1851 in Rush County, Indiana. Obituaries for several of her siblings in the early 20th century indicated she lived in Macon County, Missouri, and was Sarah Graves. Online compilations contained little detail and, without any sources, was somewhat suspect. While it is suggested to research from the present to the past, I opted to research from the past to the present–starting with Sarah in the 1860 census with her parents and moving forward. The short version is that this approach was the successful one. Marriage and census records quickly painted a tentative picture of Sarah’s life: Married in […]
Join me on one of my two research trips in the summer of 2019: Allen County, Indiana, Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our price is reasonable, our approach laid-back and hands-on.  
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