A Different Family Perspective

Nancy Jane (Newman) Rampley (1846 Rush County, Indiana-1923 Hancock County, Illinois)

When deciding which relatives to interview and ask questions of, get outside your “line of descent” and your “immediate family.” Others may have a different perspective, know different details, or not be “afraid” to reveal tidbits that others are hesitant to.

Family history remembered and written by nieces and nephews of Nancy Jane (Newman) Rampley indicated that when they’d go to visit her in the home she lived in West Point, Hancock County, Illinois’ after she’d moved “to town,” she’d let them play dress up with clothes in the attic and they generally always had a fun time playing at Aunt Nancy’s.

And while I know that all pictures of the era look stern, that’s a really nice contrast to her picture–or maybe not. She could be thinking let’s just get this camera nonsense over with.