The Northeast Bedroom

My great-aunt Ruth remembered a cute story that took place in my Mother’s grandparents home when my Mother was a small child. It involved Mom walking around the house and mentioned the northeast bedroom.

The northeast bedroom?

As I read it, I scrunched my nose and made that face when I am certain that something is wrong. My own grandparents had lived in the same home for thirty years. I had been in it often. There was no northeast bedroom. The entire north side of the house was the living room. Then I remembered.

My Grandparents, not needing two downstairs bedrooms and two upstairs bedrooms, had taken down a wall and enlarged the living room.  The seeming error in my great-aunt’s story was not an error at all.  My personal memory was the problem. It only extended through my life time. Fortunately upon reflection, I realized I had additional information.

In this case the discrepancy was small and my memory of what I had been told was able to rectify it. Many times that is not the case.

Don’t assume that someone else’s memory is incorrect. It could be that your personal knowledge is simply incomplete.