The Defendants in an 1830-era Virginia Court Case

This image was discussed on the Facebook page for Genealogy Tip of the Day and we’re posting it here for those who were curious about the names.

The defendants in this case (James Sledd was the plaintiff) are:

John Sledd, Charles Harrison, Rob Tinsley in his own right and as [ex?r?–with a mark over it to indicate it is an abbreviation and likely stands for executor] of Jno Tinsley ded James S Pendleton admin [again with a mark over it to indicate that it is an abbreviation] of Reuben Pendleton ded Geo Tinsley & Ro Tinsley and Edward Tinsley [exor?–again for executor or possibly executors] of David Tinsley ded Oliver Tinsley Edward Tinsley James Tinsley Elizabeth West Archd [for Archibald] Goff & Polly his wife Wm. Henderson & Sally his wife John Harrison Anthony G Tinsley Sally Sledd Lindsey Tinsley Richd Fowler & Lucy his wife & Leonard Goff & Nancy his wife

The defendants all had an interest in the estate of John Tinsley who died in Amherst County, Virginia, in 1817. Unfortunately the court file does not specifically spell out all the relationships, but some can be inferred from other documents in the case file.

This is one of the easier documents to read. The case was heard before a Lynchburg, Virginia, Court. The original records are housed at the Library of Virginia in Richmond–and filed there under “Lynchburg City” Court, Index Number 1836-023. Digital images were made by viewing the original records.