If you’re needing a genealogy activity and your ancestral research stymied, consider making a map of the locations where your ancestors were living at one point in time.

For those whose ancestors lived in areas that took censuses, pick a year and map out where all your direct line ancestors lived. Ancestors living in other countries could also be mapped if you have an idea where they would have been at that point in time.

One page from a project my daughter did on
where her great-grandparents were in the 1930 census.

At the very least it will cause you to review your records and who knows what omissions you may find out that you have? If you’ve got them all mapped out, think about how their descendants moved around until you were the result?

This can also be a great activity to do with a child–just modify it to make it age appropriate. It can involve more than one academic discipline, including my personal favorite–math!

There’s history, geography, art, math, writing, problem-solving (if you make the person try and find the people themselves), and more.



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  1. That’s great to get kids interested but all my relatives stayed in 1 township & county for many generations!!

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