The Importance of Dates and Location

These two checks were written by my grandfather in the spring of 1941. They appear to have been written to pay for the medical expenses from the birth of his son Keith (my Dad) who was born in April of 1941.

Dr. C. A. Runyon signed Dad’s birth certificate which indicated he was born in St. Joseph’s hospital. That’s a strong connection. The checks were located in a envelope that was tucked in a scrapbook of photographs, newspaper clippings, and other paper ephemera that included or mentioned my Dad. That’s another clue suggesting the purpose of the checks.

The dates on the checks were also interesting and remind us that the dates documents are executed or recorded can also be a clue. Dad was born on 14 April and the check to the hospital was on 22 April–was that the date Grandma and my Dad were discharged? The check to the doctor was dated 15 May-a month after Dad was born? Did they go for some sort of follow-up visit? My comments on the date of the check is speculation and, if that is included anywhere in my genealogy materials, I need to indicate that I am speculating.

But dates matter and sometimes can give birth to genealogy clues that have larger significance than when Grandma was probably discharged from the hospital and may have gone back for a follow well-baby visit with the doctor.