There are many reasons to organize your genealogical data, including:

  • noticing clues you did not notice before;
  • finding gaps in your research;
  • making it easier for you to share your research;
  • reducing the number of times you locate something you already have;
  • making it easier for you to publish your information (if that’s your goal);
  • making it easier for someone to preserve your information after your death;
  • making it easier for someone looking at your information to help you; and
  • saving money if you hire a professional–they will have to organize it for you before they can help.

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  1. So how do your organize all the research into who is connected to who, and all the tidbits of information you find?
    FGS don’t seem to do the trick, surname folders don’t work if you’re doing cluster research, and the duplication of tree software, online trees, paper files and digital files can take up all your research time.

    -Looking for answers to life’s persistent questions

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