Who is Not Listed?

In any record or genealogical reference that lists a group of relatives or family members, determine if there are individuals who should be there who are not.

Sometimes this is easier to do that others, but it’s still a good exercise. The 1959 reference in the illustration is to a birthday party where siblings and nieces and nephews birthday celebrant were in attendance. The newspaper lists two individuals as “Mrs.” with no “Mr.” listed. In one case, the husband was deceased. In the other case, he was not (it’s not known why he did not attend). I also made certain that there were no other siblings of the celebrant besides the ones listed. One guest was actually the girlfriend of one of the nephews but that is not stated. The celebrant’s husband attended as well, but his name is listed last.

Never assume a list is complete. And if you realize that there are people who should be listed and are not, add that comment to the item when including it in your genealogical database.

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