I have been doing some thinking about my genealogical priorities at this stage of my life. Here’s my personal list:

  • Preserve any photos or other paper ephemera that has not already been preserved.
  • Identify people in photos as much as possible.
  • Document stories I have about any personal family history items (furniture, jewelry, books, recipes, etc.).
  • Write down my own stories and personal memories
  • Write up “solutions” I have to ancestral problems that have not been written up. Preserve those.

Notice that more research is not on this list.

Your list may vary. But consider making a list and working towards accomplishing those tasks.

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  1. I’m very very disappointed in newspaper.com
    I’ve called numerous times and sent messages since the end of September. I had one return call that I missed but otherwise have not had any response to my questions. I will not renew unless I get help.

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