Webinars: Migration, Virginia Chancery, & Land at FamilySearch

Registration for all live attendance closed on 27 September 2022. Presentations (handout included) can be pre-ordered before 29 September for less than the normal download price.

Determining Your Ancestor’s Personal Migration Trail

Discovering your ancestors “migration trail” is more than determining the physical route they took to get from one point from another. It is about determining others who might have had the same point of origin and destination as your ancestor and what those individuals had in common with your ancestor (biology, relationships by marriage, shared denominational membership, same point of origin, etc.). Determining others who might have had the same point of origin as your ancestor may help you to locate more information on your ancestor. Our focus will be on ways to determine who else in the area of settlement might have been from the same place as your ancestor—and took the same “path” your ancestor did.

Chancery Court Records at the Library of Virginia

This presentation will begin with a broad overview of the chancery court system in Virginia and how to determine what courts might have heard cases in which you ancestor might have been involved. The presentation will discuss search strategies for querying the chancery court records database on the Library of Virginia website, how to organize and track those searches, and how to organize and download images of actual records housed on the site.

Using Local Land Records at FamilySearch

This presentation will discuss how to determine what local land records are available on FamilySearch—including ones that are essentially digital versions of microfilm with no new indexes. The presentation will begin with a quick overview of local land records and how they typically area organized. We will discuss how to navigate land records on FamilySearch, how to use the original indexes that were created by the holders of the record (different indexing systems will be discussed and demonstrated), and how to navigate the actual record images. Image organization and downloading will also be discussed.

  • Offered live on 29 September at 10:30 am central daylight time.
    Registration closed as of 27 September 2022.

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