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I’ve got all the buildings that were once there (I think), but my scale and positioning needs some work. Genealogists should always be looking for maps, but are there maps that we could create ourselves? Several of the buildings on my Grandma’s farm are no longer standing. The garage and the original house are gone–replaced with a shed and a larger home. The map I’ve made needs some work, but the essentials are there. It’s not just Grandma’s farm that could be drawn out or mapped. A map could be made of the rooms in the home you grew up in or what you remember of the interior of your Grandfather’s home. Digital images of actual pictures could be used to augment the map you have drawn. The […]
This image was used on the Genealogy Tip of the Day Facebook page as a reminder to not use “Grandpa” or similarly vague descriptions when identifying photographs. But when I looked at the footer I attached to the actual picture, I realized I could be more specific in the location than I was. I know exactly where the photograph was taken. Grandpa is standing on the west side of the barn that is in the northwest corner of their farmstead. The barn is still standing. I have the current address of the property and the legal description which I could put on the image as well (at least on my personal copies of it). Make certain to include as much geographic precision in a photo identification as you […]
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