What Are You Seeing?

The “problem” with using certain websites, search engines, etc. is that one can locate images or content and not be certain what they are seeing.

A good way to solve that problem…

ask someone for help.

Not really knowing what you are looking at is a good way to not understand it. The illustration used in this post is an index card to naturalizations created by the US government to help people find their naturalization record when they had lost it and weren’t really certain where they were naturalized (among other reasons). It’s not the naturalization record and is not the same thing as the naturalization record.

Ask fellow genealogists if you stumble on something and do not know what it is. There are groups on Facebook where one can post a variety of items and get help. Don’t assume what something is if you’ve never seen it before.

These records are discussed in more detail in a post on my Rootdig blog.