Not All Evidence Lasts

Grave of Fannie I. and Charles T. Neill, West Point Cemetery, West Point, Hancock County, Illinois; photo taken by Michael John Neill 19 December 2019.

I made the holiday run to several cemeteries. My footprints in the snow left evidence that someone had recently been to the grave site. This evidence, like some genealogy items, will not last forever and it is up to me to preserve genealogical evidence that I have access to or uncover. I don’t need to preserve these footprints, but they serve as a reminder that many things don’t last nearly as long as we would like them to and they won’t preserve themselves on their own.

The footprints do not necessarily prove who was there–just that someone was. Always think about what a document or record supports and what it does not.

Rest in Peace great-grandma and great-grandpa Neill.

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