All the Records of the Church

There’s a lot more to church attendance for some individuals besides being baptized, getting married, and having a funeral. Details in those other church records may provide the additional clues about your ancestor for which you are looking.

Some churches kept records of individuals who were confirmed, were able to receive their first communion, took communion in general (especially in those churches where frequent communion was not common), made donations, served in some church organization, etc. A church may have kept a family register that provided ecclesiastical information on members of the family, including where they were born or baptized, where they were confirmed, married, etc. Churches may have kept records of when individuals were received into membership.

They may also have kept records of those who were asked to leave the church or those who were point-blank told to leave. Sometimes those are the most interesting records of all.

Make certain you’ve searched all the records of that church–not just the records directly related to vital events in your relative’s life.