Did They Just Pop In?

A female relative seems to just appear in an Indiana county in the early 1830s in time to marry her husband. There are apparently no records in the county of any of her other family members. There are many possibilities, but some of the more plausible ones are:

  • Her family only lived in the area for a short time–just long enough for her to meet her husband and marry. She stayed the rest of them moved one and she was the only one to marry while the family lived in the area.
  • She had no other full siblings, her father had died young, and her mother is “hiding” under her second husband’s name which is where all the relative’s half-siblings are showing up as well.
  • Her family was not well-off enough to leave many records–especially in the time period in question when there are fewer records in general.
  • Her family actually lived in a nearby county which has not been researched.
  • She was married before and the last name on her marriage record is not her maiden name at all.

Feel free to post other possibilities in the comments.