Cite What You Used

This record of marriages from Bedford County, Virginia, is apparently a transcription to the actual records. That fact is suggested by the use of the phrase “General Index to Marriage…” at the top of the page. An even stronger bit of evidence indicating that this record was not created contemporary to the events that were taking place is the fact that marriages from the late 18th century are typed into the book.

Just because this record is an extraction from the actual record does not mean that it is incorrect or wrong. However, there is always the potential that a name or date has been transcribed incorrectly. When citing this record, I need to indicate that it was not the original record.

This record is not a transcription of the original because it does not include every word or item in the record. That doesn’t mean what it does contain is wrong either. But because it is an extraction there is always the possibility that something was omitted or included in the index in such a way that it does not quite indicate what was actually indicated in the record.