“Sorting the Smoke” and Our Stuff

Open photo
Title page of Sorting the Smoke, which I recently purchased on Ebay.

I purchased on Ebay a copy Sorting the Smoke. It is a book of poems written by a second cousin of my grandmother–largely because it was signed by him in two places.

The inscription shown here is written to someone the author knew and someone I discovered passed away in 2021. This is not a post about doing Google searches to learn more about people.

It’s a reminder that after we leave this existence, we have no real control over what happens to our things. Think about your genealogy and family history materials and what you hope happens to them after your demise. Work to make that happen to the best of your ability. Reach out to others for ideas and suggestions. Think about all the items you have an determine which ones are the most important for you to pass on.

Choices will have to be made. Everything cannot be preserved. Your family may not treasure your cherished items the same way that you do.

I’m actually glad the item made it’s way to Ebay. It allowed me to purchase it and it could have suffered a much worse fate.

And now, I have to decide what to do with it. The problem of where things “go,” is a never-ending one.