Pages, Volumes, Dates, and Courthouses

The declaration of intention of Michael Trautvetter to become a citizen is contained in the order books of Campbell County, Kentucky. The order book contains a variety of other court actions, not just naturalizations. Fortunately most, but not all of the order books were indexed by the clerk at the time the orders were recorded–only the “main names” are included in the index.

I was careful to include the page number for the order on the image and to download the volume cover from which the order was taken.

The declaration was undated and it was necessary to browse a few pages earlier to see that Trautvetter’s declaration and the other orders recorded on page 199 and a few pages before were done on 28 April 1851 at the Alexandria Courthouse.

Always make certain you have the date of an event or statement. It may not be on the actual item you have located (particularly for court orders). In this case, Campbell County, Kentucky, has two courthouses so I made certain to indicate that these orders were ones performed at the courthouse in Alexandria.

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